Get top prices when you sell silver bullion, bars, rounds or even sell your silver coins through Canada Gold. We buy all kinds of silver for the best prices right across the country, and you can even sell silverware directly with us at one of our handy local neighbourhood locations. It’s safe, secure and reliable. Free estimates and never any pressure to sell.


Canada Gold is the country’s highest paying and most trusted precious metals dealer. We purchase all types of silver bullion, bars, rounds and coins.

The prices we pay depend largely on whether or not the bullion is recognized. We’re able to offer you a higher price for bullion produced by a recognized minting organization as it can be easily resold. The payouts for unrecognized bullion may be slightly lower as it must be refined or sold off for a lower resale price.


  • Canada Maple Leaf Coin
  • Royal Canadian Mint Issued Bullion
  • US Silver Eagle Coin
  • Johnsen-Matthey (JM)
  • Engelhard
  • National
  • Federal Commercial
  • Major Banking Institutions (Scotiabank, TD, RBC, etc.)


  • Sunshine Mint Rounds and Bars
  • A-Mark
  • NTR Metals
  • Scottsdale Silver
  • Inscribed Rounds and Bars
  • Damaged Rounds and Bars

Selling Your Old Silver Coins

Selling your old Canadian or international silver coins for cash is a great way to earn some extra money.

Here at Canada Gold, we’ve been buying and selling silver coins for years, and we’ve established a solid reputation for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy silver and gold shops in the country.

Over the years, thousands of customers have taken comfort from our best price guarantee, knowing that they are selling their old silver coins for the best possible price.

What Are My Silver Coins Worth?

That’s a good question!

Silver coin prices are constantly fluctuating with the market, and here at Canada Gold we update our buying and selling prices frequently in line with the ever changing market rates.

If you want to learn more about silver coin values and find out what your old silver coin is worth, we’ve created a great resource guide to help you determine and understand exactly what you have. Our aim with this guide is to give you complete transparency and to enable you to have confidence in the price you’re quoted if and when you do want to sell your silver coins.

Where Can I Sell My Silver Coins?

Not content with simply offering you the best prices for your old silver coins, we’re also determined to make the whole selling process as easy as possible for our customers.

Over the years, we have established a network of local community locations right across the country. You can visit our locations page to find your closest Canada Gold branch, or give us a call toll free on 1-888-219-7001.


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